The Gaycation Episode Eight: Baggin' the Tour Guide

Here's to a hot Latin tour guide that does more than show you the sights, handsome and hung Alfonso Osnaya! Granted, he's got some tasty sights of his own to show, and they're driving Nolan Knox fucking crazy! When the helpful guide asks pointedly "Is there anything ELSE I can do for you?" Nolan's quick to respond with a thirsty "I can think of something..." The sexxxy porn music swells and we're off to the bedroom where Alfonzo is snuggled up in Nolan's arms as they suck face for a start. Alfonso is a full-service travel agent, there's no doubt of that. After reaching into the crotch of Nolan's shorts and pulling out his big stiff tool, Alfonso does his best to please every inch of Nolan, from kissing the soles of his feet to slurping down that oversized woody, it's tough to see who's enjoying this hookup more, Nolan or Alfonso. But once he's straddled Nolan's waist and is grinding his hungry ass onto that hard dick, our bet's on Alfonso. But then Nolan turns the hot guide over onto his side and plows in balls deep, so maybe HE's the one having the most fun. He holds on to Alfonso's narrow hips and drills in to the fuzzy pubes. Who needs the tropical heat when man-to-man friction is driving up the temperature. And it's getting too hot to hold back. Alfonso splatters his sperm onto his lean abs, and almost immediately Nolan pulls out to add his own creamy wad. What a trip it's been!

29 Aug 2023
Avg Rating: 3.8

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