The Gaycation Episode Six: Knocking On The Back Door

"Alfonso sent me!" must be the magic phrase that opens the door to some of Mexico's hottest and horniest rawfuckers. At least that's how it works when Nolan knocks at Angel Nash's place and is greeted by the sexy bare-chested Latino, already lying in bed with a seductive smile plastered across his handsome face. It's summertime in Mexico after all, so who can blame Nolan for stripping down and lying across the cool sheets? Angel gives him a warm, wet welcome, licking and swallowing Nolan's long fat hardon. Angel's dressed for the tropical clime, wearing only a pair of assless undies -- the better for Nolan to burrow his face up into and give him a sweet hot rimjob. And most convenient when Nolan scooches up to kneel behind the luscious Mexican and ram his bare dick in. Nolan's big nuts swing and slap into Angel's crack in the warm humid bedroom, then Angel lies sideways and cocks up a leg to open his hairy booty for some more deep plowing. He cranes his neck around to give Nolan a deep kiss and murmur sweet nothings as his ass gets the fuck it's starving for. Angle sprawls across Nolan's lean waist and grinds into the Asian stud's pounding strokes, his own cock and low hangers swinging. He splatters his sperm onto the mattress and keeps riding. Nolan pulls out just long enough to shoot his creamy load then goes back in and gives a kiss to his handsome host.

15 Aug 2023
Avg Rating: 4.4

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