Gaycation Episode Four: Cue the Cocks

What's a hot porn series without a scorching group scene? Or maybe TWO!? When Alfonso brings tourist Zed into his friend's mens' club to teach him the finer points of "pool" Zed notices the table has no holes. But Abraham Shehell, the friend, yanks down Zed's jeans and finds a much better hole, all ready for playing "the best game". Zed crouches down on the table across Alfonso, and Abraham dives in for a taste of his fine, hungry hole. Stripping down, Abraham sports a big uncut tool bobbing straight out, ready for action. He sucks on Zed's ass while Zed takes a big musky gulp of Alfonso's thick dick. Pinning Zed's thighs back, Abraham slides his raw cock in to the hilt. He jacks Zed's right leg up to spread the hole even wider as he plows in. Giving his bud Alfonso a crack at that sweet ass, Abraham feeds his juicy cock to horned up Zed. After getting reamed by two horny Latins, Zed can't hold back. With a thunderous "I'm gonna CUMM!" he moans and pumps out a thick wad down his dick and heavy nuts.

01 Aug 2023
Avg Rating: 4.0