The Gaycation Episode Seven: Missionary By The Sea

The morning after a rip-roaring tour of the sexiest seaside gay spots in Puerto Vallarta, Zed meets one of that night's gorgeous gogo boys, Eduardo Medina. Complimenting him on the great show, he gets a seductive come-on from Eduardo. "Would you like to see more?" Zed doesn't just want to see, he wants to smell, taste and especially FEEL all the erotic talents Eduardo has to offer. His mouth greedily travels down the dancer's smooth body, then yanks down his shorts to see a huge uncut dick popping straight up. He nurses gently on Eduardo's tool, groaning with delight when Eddie slaps that cock around his face. It only takes a minute before he's seated Median on the couch and climbed up to take his cock in raw and deep. Grabbing Zed's muscular booty, Eduardo aims his cock straight up and in like an archery champ. Zed wraps his arms around Eddie's neck and grinds his booty around to feel it hitting every magic button. Eduardo laps his long broad tongue across Zed's twitching hole, then lifts the Asian stud's legs up and apart to ram in deeper. With Zed on an oversized ottoman, Eduardo crouches to drill his cock in balls deep. Zed's ass can't take any more pleasure, and his cock spontaneously spews its sperm load. "I'm gonna CUM!" Eduardo moans, and Zed begs in return "Cum in ME!!" Eddie pulls out for the first wad then slides in smoothly to make a hefty, creamy deposit.

22 Aug 2023
Avg Rating: 3.9

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