Introducing Kai Cho

Kai is a sweet-faced innocent Asian twink, but don't let the shy, reserved looks fool you! A 24-year old Leo from the East Coast, he's not the quiet type you might expect. No scatterbrained twink either, he's studying accounting and good with numbers and finances. A vers/bottom, Kai identifies as gay and first realized that in college when a hot guy marched up to him and invited him into the men's room for some tomfoolery. "You know where that's going," he relates. The other guy pulls him into the bathroom, presses him against the mirror and starts "making out aggressively. And guess what? Kai loved it. He took out his dick and told Kai "Suck it!" When Kai figured why not, he tried it and even loved the taste of a mouthful of cum. Now his turnons are height, intelligence and (not surprisingly) big dicks. His inspiration for joining the ranks of PeterFever came, literally, watching a scene where Levy Foxx exploded in a huge load of cum. "I wanted to be like him," he helpfully explains. After a cooling dip in the pool, Kai settles down by the fireplace and pulls out his large stiff cock. He wriggles out of his tiny briefs and gets down to the business of stroking. His cock has a big beautiful mushroom head, but he's careful to also take care of his tight little butt. His feet curl back as he fingers the smooth hole. After a few minutes of milking his cock with eyes dreamily closed, he opens them wide and gives us a look that signals something hot and juicy's on the way. "Awww, fuck YEAH! I'm gonna CUMM!..." he announces just a millisecond before a hot splatter sprays out in every direction. His lean abs tighten, drenched in cum. Relax now Kai, that was a hot cum-splosion your inspiration would be proud of.

12 Sep 2023
Avg Rating: 4.5

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