Avg Rating: 4.9

Ray Dexter Vital Stats:
Height:  5'10"
Dick Size:  9 inches uncut

Hi to my new buddies at PeterFever! I recently relocated from Texas to Los Angeles, so I'm beginning a new phase in my online career and doing studio porn. I've developed a great following on Twitter the last two years and I think my fans are happy to see me branch out and take some new opportunities.

I guess I'm kind of breaking expectations in the Asian porn niche. I'm tall, very well-hung and a total top. Hey, porn is a big field and there's room for all types, right? When I'm not traveling the world I guess I'm kind of a nerd at home. But I'm young and want to take advantage of all the opportunities that offers and see the world when I can.

Thanks to the models and production team at PeterFever for giving me such a stress-free and fun introduction to starting out in big-budget porn. My confidence is a lot higher because of you guys and I hope you all get to see me more around these pages.

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