Wild Classroom 1: The New Teacher

Yowei strides into class with a studly swagger, announcing that Mr. Duncan has taken off for this semester, and that HE won't be as easygoing. But he promises that if the students stay on his good side they will earn a reward. The only student around today to hear this is handsome nerd Hen. Yowei compliments him on doing well on today's test, and offers up the promised reward. He unbuttons Hen's shirt and kisses him as he strips off his own. Next thing you know Hen's naked on the desk with Mr. Yowei between his legs. Yowei perches on the desk with his legs up and wide open. "Mr. Yowei, your ass feels so GOOD!" the nerdy student blurts out between thrusts.

Yowei steps over to the blackboard and braces against it as Hen follows to slam in his bare cock. He holds Yowei by the muscular shoulders as he pumps in to the root. He's drilling so hard and deep the blackboard nearly topples. Spread out on the desk once more, Yowei moans as Hen speeds up for a juicy finish. After he showers the new teacher with creamy student cum, Hen watches Yowei geyser out a fountain of his sperm. As Hen thanks the teacher for "this wonderful experience," Yowei reminds him to keep getting good grades and he will get more hot hungry teacher butt in return.

13 May 2021
Avg Rating: 4.6

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